• Totyo Kolev – Assistant Professor

    Name: Totyo Ivanov Kolev

    Academic status and scientific degree: Assistant Professor

    Scientific field of activity: Hygiene of foodstuffs, biochemistry of food processes, quality and safety of agro food chain

    Curriculum Vitae (CV): He graduated from the Thracian University, Stara Zagora, Agronom - stock-breeder in 2007. In 2008 he acquired the Master's degree in Food Safety and Food Quality Management Program and Poultry breeding.

    In 2014 he was appointed assistant professor at the Agricultural Institute in Stara Zagora,  Scientific department "Breeding, population genetics and technologies for poultry and rabbits

    He has published 2 articles. He speaks English.

    e-mail: totyo.kolev@abv.bg

     Publications for the last five years:

    1. Galina S Dicheva, Totyo I Kolev, Teodora S. Angelova and Jivko A Krastanov, 2017. Spring-summer dynamics in the amount of water-soluble protein in Bulgarian cheese from sheep's and cow's milk. Food Process Technol 2017, 8:9, 19th International Conference on Food Processing & Technology, October 23-25, 2017 in Paris.
    2. Totyo Kolev, Nikolina Naydenova and Galina Dicheva, 2016. Practical guidelines for schemes to determine the date of minimum durability of the use by” date of milk products . 9-th Scientific conference of the Bulgarian Focal Point of European Food Safety Autority (EFSA), 24 th - 25 th October 2016.
    3. Milena Mihaylova Yovka Fenerova, Stajka Laleva, Nedka Dimova,Totyo Kolev, Ivan Ivanov, 2015. Correlation between protein and energy in ration and urea content in the milk of cows of Black and white breed. Science & Technologies, Animal studies & Veterinary medicine, Volume V, Number 5, 2015.
    4. Kolev T., S. Laleva, T. Angelova, D. Miteva, N. Ivanov, I. Ivanov, D. Yordanova, V. Karabashev, 2015. Opportunities for ecologically clean animal products in the Eastern Rhodopes. Scientific-practical conference Kardzhali region more attractive tourist destination, 2015, 50-56.
    5. Totyo Kolev, Rosica Enikova, 2012. Effect of different pasteurization regimes and storage conditions on the microbiological quality of fresh cow milk, Food industry, 11-12/2012, pp. 38-41.
    6. S. Atanassova, N. Naydenova, T. Kolev, T. Iliev, G. Mihaylova, 2011. Near infrared spectroscopy for monitoring changes during yellow cheese ripening. Agricultural science and technology,volume 3, number 4, pp. 390-394.

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