• Jivko Krastanov – Professor, Dsci

    Name: Jivko Asenov Krastanov

    Academic status and scientific degree: Professor, Dsci

    Scientific field of activity: Selection, population genetics, reproduction and technologies in large and small ruminants, embryo transfer, breeding value, linear description of animals, estimation of gas emissions, estimation of economic weights, coagulation ability of milk.

    Curriculum Vitae (CV): He graduated from the Higher Institute of Zootechnics and Veterinary Medicine - Stara Zagora, specialty "Zooengineering" in 1984. Research associate at Stara Zagora Agricultural Institute since 1989, Section "Breeding and technologies in cattle breeding". In 1995 he received his Ph.D. degree and in 1998 he became Associate Professor. In 2006 he defended dissertation for awarding the scientific degree Doctor of Agricultural Sciences with a theme: "Genetic and Economic Factors in the Breeding of the Brown Cattle in Bulgaria". In 2009, he obtained the academic title "Professor" in the scientific specialty "Breeding of Farm Animals, Biology and Biotechnology of Reproduction". Director of Research Institute of Cattle and Sheep Breeding - Stara Zagora- 2000, Director of Institute of animal science - Kostinbrod - 2000-2002. Head of Section "Cattle-breeding" - 1999, 2003- 2008. Head of Department: "Selection, Population Genetics, Reproduction and Technologies in Large and Small Ruminants" at the Agricultural Institute - Stara Zagora. Member of the Specialized Livestock Council - 2001- 2008. Since 2001, he has been a member of the Animal Breeding Editorial Board. National coordinator in 2000-2001 at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests under the National Focal Point on Genetic Resources in Animal Breeding. Leader of eight successful graduated PhD students. He is the head of a number of international projects, projects at Research fond, projects to the SAA and participates in many of them.    Head of "Selection, Population Genetics, Reproduction and Technology in Large and Small Ruminants" Division. Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Agricultural Institute - Stara Zagora since 2008. There have been published more than 95 scientific papers, the author of breeding programs, more than 50 citations.

     e-mail: krastanov2000@yahoo.com

     Publications for the last five years:

    1.Dalvit, C., J. Krastanov, F. Maretto, N. Oblakov, T. Angelova, M. Cassandro. 2009. Monitoring genetic variability of Bulgarian cattle biodiversity. Ital. J. Anim. Sci., vol. 8, 3, 89- 91.

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