• Ivelina Ivanova – Assistant Professor, PhD

    Name: Ivelina Ivanova Ivanova

    Academic status and scientific degree: Assistant Professor, PhD

    Scientific field of activity: Animal nutrition, Poultry nutrition, Energy and protein nutrition of poultry feed, Technologies of compound feeds production

    Curriculum Vitae (CV): 2004- graduates Thracian University in Stara Zagora, agronomist- farmer

    2005 - master's degree, department „ Dairy”, Thracian University, Stara Zagora

    2005 - assistant,  in the Department of  „Ecology, feeding farm animals and the quality of  animal products”, Agricultural Institute, Stara Zagora

    2008 -  assistant, in the Department „Poultry Breeding and Selection”, Agricultural Institute, Stara Zagora

    2015 - PhD, Agricultural institute, Stara Zagora,  dissertation title „Study of the possibilities of using distillers dried grain with solubles for feeding of broiler chickens”

    e-mail: ivanova24@abv.bg

    Publications for the last five years:

    1.Mincheva, N., M. Lalev, M. Oblakova, P. Hristakieva, I. Ivanova. 2012.  Investigation on the frequency of alleles at the locus and their effect on the growth of two lines of Plymouth Rock chickens. Archiva Zootechnica 15 (1): 69-75

    2.Mincheva, N., M. Lalev, M. Oblakova, P. Hristakieva, I. Ivanova. 2012.  Effect of feathering alleles (K/k+) on laying performance, hatchability parameters and some body measurements in two lines of white plymouth rock hens. Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry 28 (3): 405-414

    3.Lalev, M.,  M. Oblakova, P. Hristakieva, N. Mincheva, I. Ivanova.  2012. Development of new laying hen lines. I. Growth potential and egg production rate. Trakia Journal of Sciences 10 (1): 43-47

    4.Lalev, M., M. Oblakova, N. Mincheva, P. Hristakieva, I. Ivanova . 2012. Evaluation of productive traits of chicken lines from the national genepool. Tarkia J. Sci 10, 38-42

    5.Ivanova, I., V. Georgieva and M. Lalev. 2013. Effect of wheat dry distillers grain in compound feeds for broilers chickens on productive and slaughter traits. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science, 19 (Supplement 1), 102-108.

    6.Lalev, M., N. Mincheva, M. Oblakova, P. Hristakieva, I. Ivanova. 2014.  Estimation of heterosis, direct and maternal additive effects from crossbreeding experiment involving two White Plymouth Rock lines of chickens Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry 30 (1): 103-114

    7.Hristakieva, P., N. Mincheva, M. Oblakova, M. Lalev, I. Ivanova. 2014. Effect of genotype on production traits in broiler chickens. Slovak J. Anim. Sci 47 (1): 19-24

    8.Ivanova, I. 2015. Effect of dietary supplementation of compound feeds for broiler chickens with increasing levels of corn-based distillers dried grains with soluble on carcass traits and meat chemical composition. Bulgarian Journal of Animal Husbandry, №1.

    9.Mincheva, N., M. Oblakova, P. Hristakieva, I. Ivanova, M. Lalev. 2015.Effect of sex-linked dwarf gene on exterior appearance, productive performanc eand egg characteristics in a colored broiler dam line. Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry 31 (2), 163-174

    10.Oblakova, MG, LK Sotirov, MT Lalev, P Hristakieva, N Mincheva, I Ivanova, NA Bozakova, Ts Koynarski. 2015. Growth Performance and Natural Humoral Immune Status in Broiler Chickens Treated with the Immunomodulator Natstim®. Int. J. Curr. Microbiol. App. Sci., 4 (11): 1-7

    11.Lalev, M., M. Oblakova, S. Ribarski, P. Hristakieva, N. Mincheva, I. Ivanova. 2016. Effect of Rumanol ML vegetable oil on productivity of broiler chickens. I. Growth performance. Trakia Journal, №1, p.67-71.

    12.Oblakova, M., N. Mincheva, P. Hristakieva, I. Ivanova, M. Lalev, Sv. Georgieva. 2017.     Carcass traits and meatquality of different slow growing and fast growing broiler chickens. Agricultural Science and Tecnology, 9 (4): 351-357

    13.Oblakova, M., N. Mincheva, P. Hristakieva, St. Ribarski, I. Penchev, I. Ivanova, M.Lalev. 2017. Evaluation of new slow-growing chicken‘s genotypes.II. Qualitative meat traits.  Macedonian Journal of Animal Science 7 (1/2): 37-45

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