• Ivan Dimitrov – Prof., Ph.D.

    Name: Ivan Dimitrov

    Academic status and scientific degree: Prof., Ph.D.

    Scientific field of activity: Assessment of animal welfare / welfare; Applied ethology; Sheep and goat farming

    Curriculum Vitae

    Accomplished the High School of Zootechny and Veterinary Medicine, Stara Zagora, Faculty of Zooengineering in 1987, PhD in 1998 and Assoc. Prof. at the Research Institute of Agricultural Science in 2003. Main research topics - behavioral problems in sheep and poultry, temperament. Scientific interests- animal welfare, assessment of emotional reactivity in animals, assessment of the balance between stress and positive emotions. Аccumulated impact factor of publications and citations over 600. International experience record (specializations): long term - France, INRA-Tour, 1999- Assessment of stress and maternal behaviour; France, INRA-Clermont Ferrand, 2002- assessment of fear reactions by the system “Observer”; France, INRA-Bordeaux, 2007- Assessment of stress hormones by noninvasive methods (in urine, milk); Program PHARE, Europe, Project „Demonstration farms”, 1993-1994- farm animal economics; Short term- Germany, Berlin, 2004- Positive emotions in animals; Denmark, Copenhagen, 2003 - assessment of animal welfare; Finland, Helsinki, 2004- stress and productivity; Slovenia, Ljubljana, 2017- assessment of temperament in terms of keel bond damages in laying hens. Participation in over 20 international congresses and conferences in abroad on the problems of stress, behavior and welfare in farm animals. Membership in professional organizations: Member of the International Society for Applied Ethology since 1992; Member of the Bulgarian Union of Science since 1993; Member of the management committee (MC) of the European Program Cost Action 846 ‘Assessment and Monitoring of Animal Welfare”; Member of the MC and vice chair of working group on pre and post-natal conditions of the EC Program Cost Action 15134 Damaging behavior. Member of the MC and vice-chair of the Research and development working group of the EC Program Cost Action 15224 Problems of keel bond damages in laying hens. Cofounder and member of the management committee of the Stara Zagora Sheep Association. Member of Editing and Reviewers Board of the USA Scientific Journal “Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology” and the Egiptian Scientific Journal “Zagazi Veterinary Journal”. Author of over 100 scientific papers and books on the problems of sheep and poultry behavior, welfare and breeding. Very good commands in the written and spoken English, French and Russian languages.


    Publications for the last five years:

    1.Tomislav Mikus, Miroslav Radeski, Ivan Dimitrov, Manja Zupan, Katarina Nenadovic, Mario Ostovic, Viktor Jurkovich, Ludovic Cziszter, Radka Šárová, Marlene K. Kirchner, 2018. Animal welfare research in the last three decades in the Danube region – a bibliographic study. J. Environmetal Ethics, submitted.

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