• Georgi Kalaydzhiev – Assistant Professor, PhD

    Name: Georgi Ivanov Kalaydzhiev

    Academic status and scientific degree:  Assistant Professor, PhD

    Scientific field of activity: Breeding, selection and population genetics in large and small ruminants. Research possibilities to increase the genetic potential of farm animal populations by using conventional and innovative models in animal husbandry.

    Curriculum Vitae (CV): He graduate Agricultural University of Plovdiv, specialty Animal Husbandry- Zooengineer in 2008. In 2008 acquired second professional qualification- Pedagogy at Agricultural University - Plovdiv. In 2009  obtained the Master's degree, specialty Selection and Reproduction of Farm Animals. During the period 04. 2008- 07.2009 he worked as Engineer-Technologist at "LB Lact" Plovdiv, Microbiology and Physical Chemistry of Milk and Milk Products. In 2010 he was appointed assistant at the Agricultural Institute - Stara Zagora, Department of Breeding and Technologies in Cattle. He defended a dissertation in 2014 on " Genetic and environment variability of the coagulation ability of milk from different sheep breeds " to acquire a PhD. degree. In 2015, he was appointed as Assist. Prof.  PhD. in the Department of Selection, Population Genetics, Reproduction and Technologies in Large and Small Ruminants. The scientific field in which he works: breeding, selection and population genetics in large and small ruminants, milk production in sheep, coagulation ability of milk. Works successfully with software products: Word, Excel, SPSS, Statistics, Systat, VCE, PEST, Economic Weights in Livestock. More than 34 scientific papers have been published. Speaks and write excellent English.

    e-mail: gopo@abv.bg

    Publications for the last five years:

    1.Videv, E., Krastanov, J., Laleva, S., Oblakov, N., Angelova, T., Yordanova, D., Kalaydzhiev, G., Oblakova, M., 2017. Influence of some factors on in vitro gas production of different feed groups and possibilities for its prediction. Int. J. Curr. Res. Biosci. Plant Biol. 4(4).

    2.Nevyana Stancheva, Jivko Krastanov, Teodora Angelova, Georgi Kalaydhziev, Daniela Yordanova, 2017. Suckling period and milk productivity of sheepfrom Bulgarian dairy synthetic population, Macedonian Journal of Animal Science. 3.Stanimira Slavova, Georgi Kalaydzhiev, Jivko Krastanov, Yovka Popova, Staika Laleva, 2016. Economic values of the basic production and functional traits of Sheep from Bulgarian Dairy Synthetic Population. Biotechnology in Animal  Husbandry.

    4.Teodora Angelova, Daniela Yordanova, Jivko Krastanov, Daniela Miteva, Georgi Kalaydzhiev, Vladimir Karabashev, Milena Mihaylova, 2017. Quantitative and Qualitative changes of milk yield and cheesecloth qualities of milk cows after vaccination against the Lumpy skin disease. Macedonian Journal of Animal Science, on press

    5.Stancheva, N., G. Kalaydzhiev, D. Yordanova, T. Angelova, J. Krastanov. 2017. Genetic structure and Milk productivity of sheep from Bulgarian Synthetic Dairy Population. Collection of Scientific Conference with International Participation "Animal Breeding Science - Challenges and Innovations"1 – 3 November 2017, Sofia, pp. 301-313, ISBN 978-619-90208-0-7 , IAS-Kostinbrod.

    6.Stanimira Slavova, Georgi Kalaydzhiev, Stayka Laleva, Yovka Popova, Petya Slavova 2017. Analysis of the economic results of sheep from Bulgarian Synthetic Dairy Population in connection with the schemes for financial support in sheep breeding.

    7.Nedka Dimova, Stayka Laleva, Miroslav Simeonov, Georgi Kalaydzhiev, Petya Slavova, 2017. Influence of „PANAMIN“ on the growth intensity of lambs from Bulgarian Synthetic Dairy Population.

    8.Yordanova, D., T. Angelova, J. Krastanov, D. Miteva, G. Kalaydzhiev, V. Karabashev, 2017. Influence of Panamin animal and Panamin detox on milk production and cheese quality of milk of dairy cows.

    9.Stancheva N., P. Slavova, G. Kalaydzhiev, T. Angelova, D. Yordanova, G. Staykova, J. Krastanov, 2016. Genetic structure of sheep from Shumen Intrabreed type of North-east Bulgarian fine fleece breed. Animal Science.

    10.Nevyana Stancheva, Jivko Krastanov, Teodora Angelova, Georgi  Kalaydhziev, Daniela Yordanova, Stayka Laleva, 2016. Genetic structure of the sheep from the Bulgarian gafdairy synthetic population on the experimental farm of the agricultural institute in Shumen.Macedonian Journal of Animal Science, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp 17–24

    11.Jivko Krastanov, Nevyana Stancheva, Teodora Angelova, Georgi Kalaydhziev, Daniela Yordanova, Stayka Laleva, 2016. Genetic parameters of milk productivity of ewes from the Bulgarian Dairy Synthetic Population within an experiment on introduction of gene plasma from the Lacaune and Chios breeds.

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