• Evgeni Videv – Assistant Professor

    Name: Evgeni Videv Videv

    Academic status and scientific degree: Assist. Professor

    Scientific field of activity: Evaluation of the various feed and feed additives as inhibitors and stimulants on production greenhouse gases in the digestive process of ruminants.

    Curriculum Vitae (CV): He graduates Thrakian University - Stara Zagora in 2008, specialty "Ecology and Environmental Protection" - bachelor and master educational degree in "Management and protection of the environment" at Thraкian University - Stara Zagora in 2010.   Since 2013 he has been a PhD. student at the Agricultural Institute - Stara Zagora, section "Breeding and technologies in cattle breeding". From 2017 he workes as a assistant in the section " Selection, Population Genetics, Reproduction and Technologies in Large and Small Ruminants ". Total number of publications – 8. He uses English and Italian languages.

     email: videv_@abv.bg

    Publications for the last five years:

    1. Vasilev, V., E. Videv, G. Kalaydzhiev, T. Angelova, V. Karabashev, D. Yordanova, N. Oblakov, J. Krustanov, 2013. Methodology for qualitative assessment of management systems of waste materials in animal farms and environmental risk. Agricultural Science, 46 (No 3-4), 66-72.
    2. Videv, E., V. Vasilev, G. Kalaydzhiev, T. Angelova, V. Karabashev, D. Yordanova, N. Oblakov, J. Krustanov, 2013. Synthesis and release of methane (CH4) in digestive processes of ruminants and opportunities for reducing it. Agricultural Science, 46 (No 5-6), 33-41.
    3. 3. Videv, E., N. Oblakov, J. Krustanov, "Nitrogen oxide production (N2O) in the digestive process of ruminants and possibilities for its reduction", Journal of Animal Science, issue 5, 2014 (BG).
    4. Vasilev, V., E. Videv, J. Krustanov, 2015. Treatment of dairy manure litter with bacterial-enzymatic bioactivator. Journal of Animal Science, 6, 40-45 (BG).
    5. Vasilev, V., E. Videv, 2017. Opportunities to improve the characteristics of manure litter in poultry farms: 1. Application of bacterial-enzymatic additive in laying hens. Journal of Animal Science, 1, 17-25 (BG).
    6. Videv, E., Krastanov, J., Laleva, S., Oblakov, N., Angelova, T., Yordanova, D., Kalaydzhiev, D., Oblakova, M., 2017. Influence of some factors on in vitro gas production of different feed groups and possibilities for its prediction. Int. J. Curr. Res. Biosci. Plant Biol. 4(4), 39-45. doi: https://doi.org/10.20546/ijcrbp.2017.404.007.
    7. E. Videv, J. Krastanov, S. Laleva, Т. Angelova, M. Oblakova, N. Oblakov, D. Yordanova, V. Karabashev, Agricultural Institute, 6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria - “ In vitro gas production of different feeds and feed ingredients at ruminants” - Agricultural science and technology, vol. 9, No 2, p , 2017 DOI:10.15547/ast.2017.02.018.

    8. Mariya Gerdzhikova, Dimitar Pavlov, Nely Grozeva, Jivko Krastanov, Magdalena Oblakova, Teodora Angelova, Evgeni Videv. Chemical composition, mineral content „In vitro“ gas production and relative feed value of Betonica Bulgarica Degen et Neič, 2017.

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