• Historical data

    The Agricultural Institute is located in Central South Bulgaria, 8 km southeast of Stara Zagora. It originated from the cattle yard near Stara Zagora, established in 1898. In 1941, the Ministry of Agriculture decided that the Research Institute for Animal Breeding would become independent institute and appointed Prof. Stefan Kumanov as its director.

    He was charged with studying the conditions for organization of a truly large scientific research institute with the necessary livestock farms and laboratories. By the decree of King Boris III of 16.02.1942 the first Livestock Institute in the country was established.

    Since 1942, the development of the Institute has so far gone through several stages.
    From 1942 to 1950 the establishment worked as a Central Research Institute for Animal Breeding for the whole country and from 1950 to 1972- as a Regional Animal Breeding Institute for Southern Bulgaria.

    Decree 149 of 1962 of the Council of Ministers gave the Institute the task to carry out scientific research in the field of selection and breeding of the Brown cattle, sheep and poultry. By Protocol No. 15 of November 11, 1962, the Presidium of the Agricultural Academy approved the following structure of the Institute: Cattle Breeding Section, Sheep Breeding Section, Poultry Breeding Section, Animal Nutrition Laboratory and Livestock Economics Group.

    Since 1972, the institute has been transferred to the Center for Research and Development at Rodopa state economic union and its activities were specialized in the field of cattle and sheep breeding, and KOS- Razgrad, KOS- Targovishte, KOS - Vidin and KOS- Smolyan were adjoined to it.

    The Department of Poultry Breeding became Hybrid Center for Poultry Breeding, subordinated to the Institute of Poultry Breeding in Kostinbrod.

    From 1 August 1972, the Animal Breeding Institute Stara Zagora was renamed into Research Institute of Cattle and Sheep Breeding with the following sections: Cattle Breeding and Selection, Technology, Economics and Organization of Industrial of Cow Milk and Meat Production, Sheep Breeding and Selection with Wool Science Laboratory, Technology, Economy and Organization of Sheep Farming, Farm Animals Nutrition and Fodder Production with a laboratory.

    By Decree 187 of 26.08.2003 of the Council of Ministers, the Agricultural Institute - Stara Zagora was founded, including the Research Institute of Cattle and Sheep Breeding - Stara Zagora, the Hybrid Center for Poultry Breeding- Stara Zagora and the Experimental Station on Irrigation Agriculture- Stara Zagora.

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